Blasphemy of Educational Certificates

The blasphemy of Educational Certificates

by Krishna BAsudevan | 2016-03-14 05:05:05


Being spent more than 26 years in technology industry, it was my privilege to look at the multiple revolution in technology. The technology has shifted from mainframe to mini computers to personal computer to mobile. The information source internet has shifted from web 1.0 like dumb web to web 2.0 interactive web to web 3.0 intelligent web. World has become borderless through ubiquitous social media. The famous brick and mortar company has been left behind by the more innovative virtual company like google, facebook, linkedin etc.

One thing always come to my mind, ‘what about education?’ That too in Indian context. Aryabhatta invented ZERO. Charak invented surgery. The Indian culture of innovation were adopted by world. India itself, somewhere, left behind in creating the environment of creativity, self-learning, problem apprehension and solution finding and on top of it an environment of innovation. The streo type education system has left Indian young in high and dry situation. May be the English colonial empire wanted the ‘collection of revenue’ as the top of agenda and hence made the education stereo typical to the imperial need while innovation was flourishing in UK. Ofcourse, Indian history suggests the opportunistic modality and changes to education system by different dynasty is profound and somewhere the innovation and creativity planks has faded away with time. Needless to say, there were effort by various political leaders in past to revive the glory through creating different centres for excellence but somehow the core of innovation and creativity gets side-lined with political vendetta.

There are other aspect as well. Take the case of Engineering. The parents aspire of their off-springs to be engineer without understanding the child potential. Even if a child competes and get through competitive examination, the next 4 years is a typical stereo type coverage of prescribed course which is running since last so many years without much review. The mushrooming of engineering colleges and the quality of engineers adds to incompetence of students after graduation. The severe lack of practical education attuned to the need of current context is completely missing. Hence, the certificate is blasphemous. What would be the use of those degree which does not let you live a good life.

While the government initiatives looks good on paper with formation of national skill development council(NSDC), NASSCOM initiatives in IT & ITES, the execution of the policy is the biggest bottleneck. For example, Cyber security, Big data, Internet of things(IOT), cloud services in Information technology poses a huge challenge in acquiring skills, though there are very few educational institute working towards these. Even those institutes who are working on these technology, the quality of education and certificate becomes a question mark. Why?

The solution lies in the devising a strategy where educational system needs to work on two parallel stream. One is acquisition of knowledge and the other is certification of knowledge. These two streams are completely different. In order to provide high degree of confidence in certificates and a National Platform for Educational Certification(NPEC) must be put in place and certificates provided by single highest authority in Education. While acquisition of knowledge should be continued as it is happening. I believe, NPEC should be the initiative taken up by ministry of education and with the help of technology should be established in next 5 year plan. With the technology around, I believe this can be achieved. Needless to say, ‘The blasphemy of educational certificate’ needs to be eradicated.

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