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Why your restaurant need a food ordering Mobile App today?

by Vijayeta | 2016-03-14 05:05:05


With evolution of telecommunication, the purchasing power and experience of consumer has enhanced. It would be most frustrating thing for food lovers or junkiesto ask for the menu on call from a restaurant manager and order food on call, without having information about dish ingredients, price and promotional coupons. It is equally annoying for manager repeating same menu for every customer on call, taking orders, managing billing and delivery details. Each of these scenarios seems like a headache if any single activity is missed out. The overhead can be simply reduced by setting up a mobile application for online food order services.

Mobile application addiction has witnessed a significant increase from the past few years. The fact that people are glued to their smartphones performing activities while they are away from their workstations and home. Considering this fact, mobile application for restaurants can lead tovarious benefits for restaurants owners in following ways:

  • Mobile menu with mouth-watering visuals
    Online menu, short brief of ingredients for each item in the form of visuals makes easier for customer to decide which food item to place as online order. It will allow your restaurant menu to stay with your customer 24 hours with an easy access to online menu including pricing.
  • Online ordering via mobile app
    Mobile app features restaurant owners to receive orders. Customers can create their account by adding their credentials for billing and delivery details, further simplifying the online order process for them. Thus, account creation by customersmakes hassle free order placing for restaurants owners as well,without repeating the entire information, which is otherwise repeated on call every time.
  • Push notifications
    Reaching to customer’s pocket even when they are not using your application is a great way of reminding them of your existence. The notification on the smartphones is powerful form mobile marketing that affects the customer retention and engagement rate. Customers can be engaged with latest updates and special offers such as the daily specials, happy hours, upcoming events in your restaurant and promotional discounts on the birthdays or anniversary of customers.
  • Loyalty Programme
    Well aware, the cost of acquiring new customer is more than the cost of retaining. Every activity made from a customer account can add bonus points for loyalty programme to measure success and bring in repeat orders from the customer.

Furthermore to benefit restaurants, payment mechanism, easy food delivery tracking for customers, location based coupons, social media integration, survey, feedback and comments options, referral bonus points, can help you in generating customer base, increase visits and ultimately the revenue. The mobile app features and benefit list can go on and on, thus making it a win win solution for both the customer and restaurant owners. The benefit of having a mobile app for restaurants is not limited to mobile app features, it enables restaurants owners to know more about their customers by analysing their feedback, survey or mobile app downloads etc. i.e. data tracked acts as source of real time analytics and decision making for further mobile marketing strategy.

RankOne offers mobile app development services, which is developed to meet all your requirements and allow you to get a mobile app within defined timelines. A great solution for restaurants owners to create brand awareness, enhance customer base and increase revenue.

In conclusion, Mobile apps in the food service industry have made a significant impact on the business. The business owners and the customers are experiencing mobile app, easy and convenient to use. Mobile app can keep your customer more engaged and returning through various features it offers, and reminding customers via notifications even if they are not using app constantly.

To know more about RankOne’s mobile application development services, drop us a message at [email protected] and we will get in touch with you.

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