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Why you need to move your legacy system to Digital Innovation?

by Krishna Basudevan | 2015-12-05 11:29:07


Have you ever realised legacy of your system could hold your organization back? If you have searched the term legacy system on the search engines, the answer would be the old methodology, out dated or needs replacement. Well legacy systems are providing descent output in various enterprises, but the technology used by the system is quite obsolete. Stakeholders are in discussion on this major point should we stay on the legacy system since it is serving the purpose or should we upgrade it with the latest market trend, which is digital?

You should answer certain questions, why it is the right time to move on digital innovation?

  • Would digital innovation perform business operations more effectively?
  • What will be the cost to transform the legacy to digital?
  • What will be the maintenance cost and how users could use it more effectively?

For example - Bank’s Legacy system still do not support digital innovation, refrains the customers to use the information on their wheels of mobility. In contrast to banks, enterprises do support real time customised services and information access for their customers.

Here we have listed more reasons why digital innovation is required:

  1. Mobile growth - Analyse yourself, do you prefer to use a mobile phone or a laptop to access internet? The answer would be mobile phone. World is moving onto digital with ease of information access 24*7, then why not legacy should move onto it?
  2. Business growth - Customers need digital products, where they have handy information. The more personalized experience you are able to deliver through your mobile application, the longer the customer is going to stick with you. The competitors might have already achieved personalized digitization for their customers. Then why not you?
  3. Technology up gradation - Upgradation with the industry trends is essential for survival. This is the time to replace the legacy with the digital innovation, as there could be scenario where hardware and software vendors no longer support their legacy products.
  4. Enhance operational efficiency - Transforming legacy to digitization would encourage your employees to use their electronic devices such as smartphone and tablets, rather than sticking with the laptop at a place. Thus, enabling them to access the information whenever required and act accordingly. The digital transformation of business model would give better ROI on your operations.

Gartner predicts that a lack of digital business competence will cause 25 percent of businesses to lose competitive ranking by 2017.

Why not digitize your legacy with Mobile applications? The increasing usage of smartphones and tablets has made most of the applications to move into the digital business model.Replacing legacy by digitization and implementing real time analytics tools that could generate 360 degree view of customer insight,would enable enterprises to address the customer digital requirement and compete with the competitors.

The best example in support of this statement is digital signature that has been introduced by the shipping companies a long time ago. The moment an assignment is delivered to the concerned person, at the same time it is notified to the sender. The sender receives a confirmation notificationon their mobile devices with the help of digital shipment receipt. The concept eliminates the use of paper, thus saving trees and saves senders’ time in tracking the order on regular interval.

Though this is just a basic example supporting the fact mobile applications supporting digital innovation, there could besomething similar supporting digital innovation through mobile application for your business. Digital innovation has lot of advantages for organizations and their customers, and has the potential to support the "Go-green" by reducing the usage of paper. Then, why not start with the legacy and transform it them into digital innovation?

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2015-12-07 18:02:31

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